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Some Rules of Buying a Sacrificial Animal

Question: What are the things to remember when buying qurban?
When buying qurban, one should intend, “I buy the qurban that I will sacrifice on Eid al-Adha.” A second intention is not necessary while one is sacrificing it. It is not a condition to sacrifice this animal either, but the value of the animal one will sacrifice instead should not be less than that of the first animal. It is possible as well not to make any intention while buying it, but then one must make intention while sacrificing it or when one appoints an agent to sacrifice it.    

2. It is not permissible to sell a qurban by weighing it alive. If the seller weighs it alive and says, “You should pay such and such amount of money for this animal” and if the bargain is made over the whole animal, then the shopping is valid as it is by the piece. In some localities, the seller, while selling an animal for qurban, says, “After sacrificing it on the day of Eid al-Adha, I will sell the meat for such and such amount a kilo. Choose the animal you like, and give the money then as per its kilo.” It is, in no way, permissible. It is not qurban, but a sale of meat.

3. Suppose three persons buy a cow for 7000 TRY. The first one and the second one gives 3000 TRY each, and the third one gives 1000 TRY. As the share of the third one is not less than one-seventh, it is permissible. He should be given one-seventh of the meat. The other ones should receive three-sevenths each.

4. If three persons buy three sheep by giving equal amounts of money, it is permissible for them to share the sheep by saying, “This is yours and this is his and this is mine.”

5. It is permissible to buy qurban on credit or by credit card. It is not permissible to buy it buy getting a loan with interest.

6. If the animals of two persons get mixed, qurban is valid when they slaughter the ones thinking it is theirs.

7. If one animal for qurban kills the other, it cannot be charged to the owner of it.

8. One can change one’s intention and can sacrifice the animal one bought with the intention of qurban as aqiqa or nazr.

9. It is permissible to sacrifice somoene else’s qurban for him without his knowledge. If one sacrifices someone else’s animal for oneself without his knowledge, it is permissible if one pays its value  afterwards.

10. It is not permissible to sacrifice the trust left with one.

11. After intending to sacrifice qurban to earn the pleasure of Allah, one should not taint one’s niyyah with the thought of buying a well-fed animal for one’s family so that they may eat more meat. The mind should be focused on earning just its thawab.

12. One may sacrifice the animal one raises. If one who is obliged to sacrifice qurban is given a sheep and sacrifices it, one is considered to have performed the qurban, which is wajib. One does not have to buy qurban by giving money.

13. In order for the meat of an animal which has eaten najasah to be pure, a camel is confined for 40 days, a cow for 20 days, sheep for 10 days, a chicken for 3 days, and a sparrow for 1 day. According to another naql, a camel or a cow is confined for 10 days, sheep for 4 days, and a chicken for 3 days.

14. Suppose that one has stolen someone else’s sheep. It is permissible to slaughter it if one pays its value to the owner because it becomes one’s property on paying its value. However, it is necessary to repent for the sin of stealing.

15. A poor person who is not in debt earns much thawab if he sacrifices a qurban. If he is indebted, he must pay off his debts first because it is fard to pay off one’s debts.


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