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Appointing an Agent for Zakat

Question: I am poor. How can I appoint an agent (wakil) to receive zakat on my behalf and to utilize it if he wishes?
When appointing an agent, it is enough to say, “I appoint you as my wakil to receive zakat on my behalf and to utilize it as you wish.” When you appoint an agent, he can appoint another agent, and the third person can appoint another agent.

Question: When a poor person appoints someone as his agent for zakat, will agency be valid until the poor person becomes wealthy or agency is invalidated?
It will be valid until either of the two scenarios happens.

Question: Can a wealthy person who is the agent of a poor person give zakat to that poor person?
Yes, he can.

Question: Is it necessary to mention the name of the giver of zakat
to the recipient?
It is not necessary to mention the name of the giver of zakat. Nor is it necessary to say that it is zakat. It is enough to say that it is a gift.

Question: I have been the agent of a poor person for a few years. Is it necessary to renew the agency every year?
It is not necessary, but there is nothing wrong if it is renewed.

Question: A person has appointed me as his agent to give his zakat. Can I appoint another person as his agent, and can the third person appoint anyone else as his agent?
An endless chain of agents can be appointed.

Question: Someone gave money to a poor widow and said that it was zakat money. She was told to give that money to whomever she wished. She asks whether she herself can use that money.
If she buys gold with that money, then zakat is considered to have been given in conformity with Islam.

Question: Can a general agent for zakat give it to his/her own mother?
Yes, he/she can give it because he/she is the agent of a poor person.

Question: If a man is appointed as the general agent by his father,
can he not give his father’s zakat to his own brother or sister?
No, he cannot.

Question: If a rich person is appointed as an agent by his poor relative, can this rich person receive zakat?
The agent (wakil) represents the principal (muwakkil). As he/she represents his/her principal, he/she can receive zakat. However, he/she must inform those who know that he/she is rich of the fact that he/she is the agent of a poor person in order not to arouse their suspicions.

Question: When giving zakat or sadaqa al-fitr, is it absolutely necessary for the agent to mention the name of the principal? Is it permissible if the agent says that it is his own zakat or his own gift?
Yes, it is permissible. It is not necessary to mention the name of the principal (muwakkil) because the agent represents the principal.

Question: Is it permissible for the agent of the poor to mix the zakat he received without informing the givers and then to share it between the poor?
Yes, it is permissible. However, it is impermissible for the agent of the wealthy to do so, but it was reported to be permissible in another qawl.

Question: Can one be appointed as the agent of both a poor person and a rich person for zakat?
Yes, he can.

Question: Is it permissible to say to a child at the age of 7-8 “Take this gold coin and give it to so-and-so as zakat?
A sane child can be appointed as an agent for doing shopping and giving zakat.

Question: If one receives zakat from rich people and gives it to poor ones after mixing it, will zakat be valid?
If one who is the agent of rich people to give zakat to the poor mixes the zakat one received from rich people, all of it becomes one’s property. One is considered to have given sadaqah to poor ones out of one’s own property, so rich people are not considered to have given zakat. If poor people give one permission in advance to mix zakat, then one is considered to have collected zakat as their agent and then to have mixed their zakat. In this case, the obligation of zakat has been fulfilled.

Question: Suppose that a man is appointed as an agent to give zakat to whomever he wishes. In this case, can he give zakat to his poor wife or poor child? Or can he himself use it?
Any of the three scenarios is permissible. (Durr-ul-Mukhtar)


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