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Justice Is the Beauty and Ornament of Leaders

* One should not be deceived by temporary pleasures and worldly goods that are short-lived.

* Abdiyyah (being a true slave of Allahu ta'ala) is knowing that one is always in need of Allahu ta’ala and fully obeying His Messenger.

* Abundance and goodness come into a house where the Qur'an al-karim is read (recited). Angels get together, and devils run away from there.

* The value of voluntary acts of worship compared with that of obligatory ones is not even like a drop of water compared with an ocean.

* Those who have greed for hoarding up wealth are always in distress and sorrow.

* Ikhlas is performing acts of worship only for the sake of Allahu ta’ala without thinking about worldly benefits.

* Du’a is the weapon of the Believer and the head of the religion. It is the light of the sky and earth.

* Allahu ta’ala sees sins but covers them. Humans do not see sins but reveal them.

* The best gain is to put your trust in Allahu ta’ala and not to expect anything from people.

* Whoever commits a sin laughing will go to Hell crying.

* Justice is amity and harmony among people, as well as the beauty and ornament of leaders.

* If a Believer has ikhlas and repentance, Allahu ta’ala forgives all his sins.

* Ashab-i Kiram reached endless perfection only by way of suhbah.

* Since pain, sorrow, separation, and disasters happen by Allahu ta’ala’s will and predestination, one should be pleased with everything that comes from Him.

* One of the gravest sins is to make fun of people.

* Exchanging the Hereafter for the world, that is turning away from Allah to people, is stupidity.

* Be among people, but do not be a burden on them.

* A wise person finds a way before his fears come true.

* The one who pursues unnecessary things loses necessary ones.

* The most virtuous day is Friday. The most virtuous month is Ramadan, and the most virtuous deed is the salat performed in time.

* The one who puts his trust in Allahu ta ala’s decree after taking precautions is a person of tawakkul.

* Obeying parents is an expiation for major sins.

* A person may be in need when he is a scholar even though he was wealthy when he was ignorant. If sustenance were distributed as per knowledge and intelligence, animals would perish because of their ignorance.

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