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The Most Stinking Part of Hell

* The person who shows himself more than he already is has denied himself.

* If people feared Hell and, to be protected from it, worked as hard as they worked for worldly gains with the fear of becoming poor, they would definitely go to Paradise.

* People pursue food believing that it is an absolute necessity. But the real necessity is to avoid sins. However, many people pursue food instead of avoiding sins.

* A loyal friend warns when he sees his friend’s faults; he doesn’t reveal them.

* Stay away from those who are negligent, ignorant, and lickspittle.

* Fasting is to adopt an attribute of Allahu ta'ala because Allahu ta'ala is free from eating and drinking.

* If a person gets a blessing but does not give thanks for that, he will lose the blessing and he will not even know.

* The following three things upset Allahu ta ala very much: (1) wasting the time in vain; (2) making fun of people; and (3) backbiting.

* The most stinking part of Hell is the one where those who have committed fornication stay.

* Whatever it is that you worship except Allah is a nothing. Shame upon him who is with a nothing.

* When you receive information, think and understand well not to report it but to act on it, for there are many of those who report the knowledge but very few of those who act on it.

* The following three things are the essence of the matter: (1) eating halal; (2) following the Messenger of Allah in morals and deeds; (3) doing everything only for Allahu ta’ ala’s pleasure.

* The best servitude is that the servant knows that he is incapable of giving thanks for the blessings Allahu ta’ala gives.

* If a sin is committed secretly, the harm of it is suffered by the sinner only. But if it is committed in public and not stopped, the harm of it is suffered by everyone.

* It is better for me to regret after forgiving than to regret after taking revenge.

* Poverty is being thankful and keeping one's needs secret without complaining to anyone.

* An unfortunate person is the one who reveals his forgotten sins.

* Call yourself to account before death comes. Repent, so that you may be forgiven.

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