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Some Evil Deeds

There are many evil deeds, but some are even worse. They are mentioned as follows in hadith-i sharifs:

(The worst of people is the one who is avoided due to fear for his harm.)

(The worst of people is the one whose life is long but whose deeds are evil.) [Tirmidhi]

(The worst of people is the one who is double-faced.)

(The worst of people is the one who becomes angry very easily but who calms down in a very long time.) [Tirmidhi]

(The worst of people is the one who causes humans harm and who offends them.) [the book İslam Ahlakı]

(The worst of people is corrupt scholars.) [Bazzar]

(The worst of people is the one who restricts the sustenance of his family, though he has the means to provide.) [Tabarani]

(The worst idiocy is to abandon the Islamic religion and to incline to another religion.) [Daylami]

(The worst of deeds is bid’ah.) [Bukhari, Muslim, Nasai]

(The worst of creatures is exponents of bid’ah.)
[Abu Nu’aym]

(The worst disease is stinginess.) [Dara Qutni]

(The worst meal is the feast where wealthy ones are invited while poor ones are not.) [Bukhari]

(The worst thief is the one who steals from his own salat. He steals from ruku’ and sajda.) [Tabarani]

(The worst remorse is that which is felt on the Day of Judgment.) [Bayhaqi]

(The worst of the old is the one who tries to be like the young in negligence [ghaflah] and in obeying the nafs.) [Tabarani]

(The worst quality is stinginess and extreme cowardice.) [Bukhari]

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