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Taqwa and Wara'

Question: What should I do to be a person of wara’?
Hadrat Imam-i Rabbani said:
“A person who does not adhere to the following 10 principles will not be a person of perfect wara’:

[Taqwa means abstaining from forbidden actions. Wara’ means abstaining from not only forbidden actions but also from things that are doubtful.]

1. Guarding the tongue from backbiting,

Avoiding having a bad opinion of Muslims,

Not making fun of anyone,

Lowering gaze from non-mahram women/men,

Sticking to truthfulness,

Avoiding arrogance,

Not spending your wealth on forbidden things,

Not seeking ranks or posts for your nafs,

Knowing it as the first duty to perform the five daily salats in their due times,

Following the faith and deeds communicated by scholars of Ahl as-Sunnah wa’l Jama’ah” (Vol. 2, Letter 66).

In order to please our friends and relatives, is it permissible for us to shake hands with and to hug members of the opposite sex?
Hadrat Imam-i Rabbani said, “Getting oneself into sins or risking the endless torments of the Hereafter for the sake of pleasing one’s friends and acquaintances is not something that a wise person would do.” It is stated in a hadith-i sharif:

(If a person seeks Allahu ta’ala’s pleasure in something at the expense of people’s displeasure, Allahu ta’ala protects him against
[harm] that will come from people. If a person seeks
people’s pleasure in something though it will incur Allahu ta’ala’s wrath, Allahu ta’ala leaves his affair to people.)


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