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Whom Does Allah Love?

People of wisdom state:
A hundred years ago, we were nonexistent. All of us will be nonexistent again after a hundred years. We live a very short life between two nonexistences. For this reason, we must do the most valuable deed in this life because the life is short and the way is long, while the place where we will reach will be endless. Death is no joke; it will certainly come. We cannot endure the fire of a single match, nor can we put our hands, Allah forbid, on the fire of a candle. The fire of Hell is not the typical fire we know. If man thinks of this fire only for a moment, he will lose his sleep over it and will not be able to eat anything. He will constantly think about in what state he will be in the hereafter.

What matters is Allahu taalas, not peoples, commending and liking someone. Whom does He love? He loves a humble person and does not love an arrogant one because it is Allahu taalas attributes that are hostile to all types of sins. However, it is Allahu taalas Himself who is hostile to the arrogant person. He says about such a person, I will burn the arrogant one without showing any mercy. Some talents, advantages, and positions that Allahu taala has given to man should not lead him into arrogance and should not cause him to forget the fact that he is a human being.

The faith of a Believer is perfect if he meets the following three conditions:
1. He gets on well with his wife. His wife is one of Allahs servants, and she has been placed in trust with him. For this reason, he should beware of all things that will upset her and fear violating her rights because the questioning about the rights of others will be very severe on the Day of Judgment.

2. He likes the company of the poor, not that of the rich. But the poor in this context does not mean beggars.

3. He, avoiding arrogance, can easily sit in the company of his aides and servants. He thinks, I was a drop of water, but now I am in this state. Praise be to Allah, who has enabled me to reach this state. If man thinks of the things he will face after death, he will abandon everything. Whoever has these three qualities should ceaselessly give thanks to our Rabb.

If Allahu taala has given the following two things to a servant, he does not need anything else:
1. To be upon the aqeedah of Ahl as-sunnah wal jamaah, that is, to follow the Messenger of Allah,

2. To have absolute loyalty, love, and obedience to the person who teaches this aqeedah, that is, who teaches our religion correctly. An iota of doubt, deviation, or dissent causes the benefit he derives to end. Therefore, it does not suffice to say, I love the person who has taught me my religion. He has to prove his love with his actions because actions speak louder than words. Ones state and behavior are more effective than ones words. Love depends on obedience. Can there be love without obedience?

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