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Istinja and Istibra

Question: What does istinja mean?
Istinja is to clean urine and stool off private parts after urination and defecation. Doing istinja is sunnat al-muakkada. Cleaning is not necessary when gas or a stone has issued.

Question: Is it permissible to do istinja with pieces of newspapers?
It is not permissible to do istinja with any paper containing writing or fit for being written on. Toilet paper is used to dry private parts [after istinja].

Question: Is it permissible to do istinja with paper?
Doing istinja with paper is makruh. It is mustahab to dry the wetness left on the private parts after washing them. Toilet paper or a cloth may be used for this purpose. If it is not available, one may dry them with one's hand.

Question: What does istibra mean?
Istibra is to make the urethra free from drops of urine. It is wajib for men to do istibra, that is, not to leave any drops in the urethra, by walking, coughing, or by lying on their left side. They must not perform wudu' unless they are satisfied that there are no drops of urine left. One drop oozing out will both nullify their wudu' and soil their underpants. If less than a palmful oozes onto underpants, the salat one performed after doing wudu' will be rendered makruh. If more than this amount oozes, one's salat will not be valid.

Question: What does istinka mean?
It means one's being thoroughly satisfied that no more urine has been left in one's urethra or that there is no filth left on one's body.

Question: Is there any difference between the istinja of a woman and that of a man?
After defecation, a woman should remove the filth on her anus with her finger from the front to the back. If she removes it from the back to the front, she may move the filth to her genital area and cause infection. She should not touch her genitals with her hands. Touching them with her hands may cause both infection and sexual arousal.

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