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The Importance of Human Rights

People of wisdom state:
While everybody loves the Awliya' [dear slaves of Allahu ta'ala], why do we fail to love one another? Why are our feelings being hurt? Why do we experience so many troubles? What is the reason for them? The reason is that people do not observe human rights and do not abstain from what is unlawful.

Allahu ta'ala divided sins into two categories:

Sins that are between Him and humans beings,

Sins that are among human beings, which involve violations of one another's rights.

Allahu ta'ala either forgives the sins that are between Him and humans or inflicts punishment as requital for them. It is up to our Lord. However, justice will certainly be done regarding the sins [that involve the rights] among servants. In other words, everybody will be brought to account in the next world with regard to the rights of humans. As a matter of fact, our Master the Prophet states:

(In the Hereafter, every Muslim will be asked seven questions on the Sirat Bridge. The first question will be about iman
[faith]; the second question, about salat; the third question, about fasting; the fourth question, about hajj [major pilgrimage]; the fifth question, about zakat [obligatory alms]; the sixth question, about ghusl [ritual washing]. As for the seventh question, even prophets will be frightened of it, though they are sinless. That question will be about the rights of humans.)

If a person performs the acts of worship performed by prophets and yet if he unjustly keeps one cent belonging to someone else, he will not enter Paradise unless he returns this one cent. The issue of the rights of humans is so important that the reward [thawab] of 700 hundred salats that were performed in congregation and accepted will be taken away from the guilty party and given to the right-owner in return for a right of one dank [half a gram of silver]. If the guilty party does not have any rewards, the right-owner's sins will be loaded on him.

Our Master the Prophet describes a bankrupt as follows:
(A bankrupt is a person whose deed-book contains many rewards of salat, fasting, and zakat on the Day of Judgment, but he caused some people harm in various ways [in the worldly life]. Therefore, his rewards will be transferred to such right-owners. If his rewards are depleted before the rights are paid, the sins of the right-owners will be loaded on him, and then he will be hurled into Hell.)

Accordingly, a Muslim who knows the importance of human rights and avoids violation of them can never get into an argument or have a fight with anyone. He cannot hurt the feelings of a human because he fears to infringe on his rights. Violating the rights of a human by hurting his feelings in particular is a much graver sin. For this reason, our Master the Prophet said:

(Breaking the heart of a Believer is a sin graver than demolishing the Ka'ba 70 times.)

It is written in our religious books, "Let him who will not be able to fulfill the rights of his wife not marry so that he may steer clear of committing a transgression against the rights of a human." That is, the woman is not a captive or a slave or a servant.

Some religious superiors, so as not to have anyone's rights on themselves, did not even use to ask their own wives or children to give them a glass of water. Instead, they used to go and take it themselves. Some other superiors, so as not to be considered to have given an order, used to say, "Would you please give me a glass of water?" They were extremely afraid of violating a human's rights.

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