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Shedding tears out of the fear of Allah

Question: Do crying and shedding tears have anything to do with the fear of Allah?
Not every act of crying results from the fear of Allah. There are many people who shed tears for role-play purposes. But the merit of weeping out of the fear of Allah is great. As a matter of fact, the following ahdth declare:
(On the Day of Resurrection, there will be no torment for a person who, when mentioning Allah, sheds tears out of the fear of Allah.)

(It is harm for Hell-fire to touch the eyes that weep out of the fear of Allah.) [Nas]

(On the Day of Resurrection, everybody will cry and shed tears. Only those who shed a tiny teardrop out of the fear of Allah will not cry.) [Isfahn]

(Just as Haqq tal [that is, Allahu tal] protects a Believer whose eyes shed tears out of the fear of Allah from Fire, so He protects the Fire from his nr.) [Ibni Mja]

(Hell-fire is harm for a Believer whose eyes shed tears for Allah. The face of a person whose cheek has become wet with a teardrop will never fall on bad times. On the Day of Resurrection, all things will be measured and weighed. Of them, the tears streaming down out of the fear of Allah are strong enough to quench oceans of fire.) [Bayhaq]

(The sins of a person whose body trembles with the fear of Allah fall off just like leaves falling off a tree.) [Bayhaq]

(Allahu tal told Hadrat Ms: An act of worship performed by weeping out of the fear of Me is superior to other acts of worship.) [Tabarn]

(Janab-i Haqq [that is, Allahu tal] declares the following by swearing: I shall make a person laugh forever in Paradise who weeps out of the fear of Me in the world.) [Bayhaq]

(A person who cries with the fear of Allah will not go to the Fire, as milk does not go back into the teat.)

(On the Day of Resurrection when there is no protection but the protection of Allahu tal, one of the seven classes of people whom Allahu tal will take under His protection is the one who, when he is alone, remembers Allah and is moved to tears.)

(There is not a drop dearer to Allah than two drops: a drop of tear rolling down out of the fear of Allah and a drop of blood shed in the way of Allah.) [Tirmudh]

(Weep! If you cannot weep, exert yourselves and become sorrowful! If you knew the horrors of the torments on the Day of Resurrection, you would perform namz until you cannot remain standing and you would weep until your voice is hoarse.)

(If all Believers were present in our mosque with mountains of sins, all of them present there would be forgiven for the sake of this weeping person, because angels say:
O our Rabb! Make those who weep the intercessors for those who do not weep!) [Bayhaq]

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