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Allahu ta’âlâ does not create anything useless

Question: Does Allah not create a useless thing?
He does not. Allahu ta’âlâ is Hakîm. Everything He creates has many uses. The human mind cannot comprehend these facts. Mind can assess and comprehend only things it has been familiarized with and things perceived through the sense organs.

There are innumerable hikmats (uses; the inner, esoteric reasons; the ultimate divine causes) and uses in His creating the disbelievers, giving them long lifespans, abundant food, high ranks and positions, and willing that they abide by their disbelief and commit evil deeds; in His creating snakes, swine, and poisons [and in His placing stupendously great energy that can annihilate biggest cities in the unimaginably small nucleus of an atom, itself already imperceptibly tiny; in His creating kinds of energy, such as light, electricity, magnetism, and chemistry; and in His formulating laws and orders in substances, forces, and organisms, most of which still remain unsolved and unknown despite all the studies and research carried on under various subjects, such as physics, chemistry, and biology]. It is a base and inferior deed to make something useless.

Our religion has not stated explicitly the reasons, the ultimate divine causes in the creation of numerous beings. As it commands us to observe the hikmats in His creations and thus to draw the necessary lessons from them, people must try hard to take lessons to the best of their ability.

There is many a hidden divine cause and use in the creation of each being and in each commandment and prohibition. Some people who talk heedlessly settle the matter once and for all by saying, “The reason for this is that.” However, if they say instead, “This may be one of the innumerable reasons for it,” they will perhaps fall into an error of a lesser degree. One of such people once uttered, “The reason why eating pork was prohibited in Islam is that it contains worms called trichinas.” The disbelievers, upon hearing this, said “If the reason for its prohibition is trichina worms, it is possible to kill them” and thus tried to lift the ban on it in the way their heart desires. If this man had said, “One of the reasons for the prohibition on eating pigs is trichina,” it would not have caused the disbelievers to raise an objection. Similarly, it is harâm to eat the lamb that has been jugulated without saying the Basmala. How many of the hidden ultimate divine causes and useful reasons in Allah’s commandments and prohibitions can humans comprehend?

It is wrong to relate a thing to one reason alone
A gynecologist of my acquaintance, who believes in Allah, said, “The reason why girls are born with a hymen is to prevent microbes.” As his statement seemed odd to me, I asked him such questions as:
Why is such a precaution not taken to protect women against microbes while it is taken to protect girls?

Is the reason why girls and women do not have a beard to prevent the difficulty of shaving?

Is the reason why men, unlike women, are not created with the physical ability to give birth that they cannot bear difficulties?

It is wrong to seek only one hikmat behind each thing. Therefore, humans should observe the countless, astounding, and mind-blowing hikmats and thus acknowledge their weakness. If those who believe in Allah obey His commandments and prohibitions, they will attain peace.

Looking at greens, blues, and sea has a beneficial effect on eye health. There are ultimate divine causes and uses in the creation of all of the stars and planets. Even a minor deviation in the rotation of planets would cause collisions and disintegration.

In the depths of the earth is the treasure of metals hidden: various metals, coal, petroleum, cold and hot water, mineral water, thermal water … There are many other things below ground as well. As for the things on earth, how many of them can we count? There are different plants, vegetables, fruits, animals that are given to humans to make use of. Praise be to Allahu ta’âlâ, the Unequalled in His hikmat, who has created all mentioned things properly and perfectly as He wishes. These are the obvious signs that testify to His existence.

The hikmats that we know are very few when compared to the ones that we do not know. There exist various beams in sunlight. If it were not for light, it might not be possible to benefit from eyes. If it were not for the sun, there would not exist day and night, and everywhere would be dark. If the Earth’s distance from the Sun were any closer, no being could live because of extreme heat. If it were any farther, then life would be impossible on Earth because of cold. Allahu ta’âlâ, who has created the Sun to be having the ideal remoteness from the Earth, is sublimely exalted in Glory.

One of the uses of the Moon is that it is benefited when the lunar calendar is calculated. Also, people benefit from moonlight at some nights. The tide occurs owing to the Moon’s gravitational force. If the Moon were very close to the Earth, the Earth would be flooded during the rising of seas. Our Lord, who has created the Moon to be having not a harmful but a beneficial remoteness, is sublimely exalted in Glory.

A couplet:
You have created all things properly and perfectly,
But their genuine nature is a mystery to everybody.


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