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Humans must acknowledge their weakness

Question: Cant some wise and intelligent people create a thing?
Of course, they cannot. It is Allah who creates everything. He, alone, is the Creator of all classes of beings on the earth and in the heavens, all substances, objects, peculiarities, events, forces, laws, and relations. No other creator exists. No other being can be called creator.

The Qurn al-karm purports:
(The Creator of all things is Allah, your Rabb.) [Srat-ul-Mumin, 62]

(Have they found partners who create as Allah does, so that both creations seem alike to them? It is Allah who creates everything.) [Srat-ur-Rad, 16]

He, alone, creates animals that live on land, in water and in air, [microbes, electrons around (the nuclei of) atoms, molecules, ions], humans, angels, and genies, all beings and their movements, deeds, pauses, acts of worship, sins, good deeds, harms, disbeliefs, and beliefs.

He, alone, creates the movements of flies, insects, microbes, stars, and wind [electrical attractions and repulsions, gravitations, lifting forces of liquids and gasses]. It is He who creates and sends sustenance for humans and other beings.

He, alone, kills the living, gives life to the dead, makes the healthy ill, and makes the ill healthy. Microbes and doctors are all causes and means. It is He who creates and gives them effect. He creates the burning effect in fire, the cooling effect in snow [heat, light and electrolysis in electricity]. Fire, snow, and electricity are the apparent causes. They are the means and conditions which Allahu tal has made causes for His creating. [He, alone, creates our sense organs as well as the sensory powers they enjoy; the events of nutrition, reproduction, excretion; the heart, blood, the functions of the circulatory system; other tissues, organs and systems, and the order whereby they interact.]

Heathens and miscreants say that every substance and every force has its own properties whereby they effect and that fire, for instance, has burning properties whereby it always burns. They are quite wrong. In fact, according to the Ahl as-Sunnat scholars, the effects that the causes appear to possess are not their essential properties. It is His Divine Law of Causation to create the effects and functions in the causes as soon as He creates the causes themselves. Fire will never able to burn if He does not create its burning property. And it will not burn a person who falls into it unless He wills it to do so. Substances do not have any properties in their essence. Haqq tal (Allahu tal) created the properties of substances and the effects and functions in the causes.

He does not create the so-called properties and effects if He does not will to do so. He would have created heat in snow and coldness in fire if He had willed to do so. The fire of Nimrod could not burn Hadrat Ibrhm (Abraham). It would have burned him if it had been the fires essential property to burn. It is not the fire itself that makes the burning; Allahu tal makes it burn. He, alone, creates the cutting effect on the sword, the piercing power displayed through a bullet, and the fatality that poison seems to exercise. He created the drowning of a person who falls into deep water. He would not drown this person if He willed so. He, alone, creates a birds and aircrafts flying [the airs power to lift as well as the various types of friction].

Allahu tal creates the properties and functions He wills in substances. The deed that He creates comes into existence through the substances. However, the ultimate Divine Habit of Allahu tal is such that He has given certain different properties and effects to every substance. He has made different substances causes and means for the changes in one another. He creates wheat from grains of wheat and barley from grains of barley. He creates humans from humans and animals from their own genera. He creates satiation with food. If He had not created satiation, we would not feel satiated after eating tons of food. If He had not created thirst, we would not feel thirsty even if we did no drink any water. Hamd be to Allahu tal, who has created everything in perfect order!

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