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Allahu tal is Ilh

Question: A philosopher claims, There is no such thing as ilh. The meaning of L ilha ill-Allah is that ilh is nonexistent but Allah exists. Is it proper to say so?
It is not proper because Allahu tal is Ilh. Ilh means the One who has created everything out of nonexistence and who keeps them in existence every moment. (Shawhud-un-Nubuwwa)

The meaning of L ilha ill-Allah is not that ilah is nonexistent. It means there is no ilh except Allah.

It causes misunderstanding if the sentence is divided as in the following:
L ilha = Ilh is nonexistent. ill-Allah = Only Allah exists.

Therefore, it must not be treated word for word but as a whole sentence.

Certainly, there is Ilh. It is purported in the Qurn al-karm:
(Jews took their rabbis and Christians took their priests and s, the son of Mary, as their lords instead of Allah, while they were commanded to serve the One Ilh only. There is no ilh except Him.) [Srat-ut-Tawba, 31]

(Do not take another ilh besides Allah.) [Srat-ul-Isr, 22]

(Say: It has been revealed to me that your ilh is only Allah.) [Srat-ul-Anbiy, 108]

In the above-mentioned verses, it is stated that Allahu tal is the one Ilh.

In addition to them, at the end of the prayer Subhnaka, which we recite in every namz, the phrase wa l ilha ghayruka is said. The ghayruka herein means other than You. As for the statement L ilha ghayruka, it means There is no ilh other than You. That is, it means You are the only Ilh. Saying that ilh is nonexistent comes to mean that the Creator, Allah, is nonexistent.

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