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 How Should a Traveler Perform Salat?
 Some Examples Regarding the Rulings of Travel
 The Safar Distance in Islam
 Salat in Jama'at During Travel
 Performing Salat Inside a Moving Vehicle
 The Length of Time to Become a Traveler
 Adhan and Iqamat When One Is a Traveler
 Offering Four Rak'ats Instead of Two
 Intention for Travel
 Missing a Salat on a Journey
 Starting a Journey at the End of the Time for a Salat
 Being a Safari in Mecca
 Days of Arrival and Departure
 Rulings Concerning a Hanafi Who Also Follows the Maliki Madhhab
 Is It Permissible for a Woman to Travel Without a Mahram?
 Combining Two Salats on a Journey
 Changing Your Decision in Salat
 Q&A Concerning Traveling

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