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Hadrat Nh and the Flood

Question: Why is Nh (Noah) alaihis-salm called the Second Father?
During the time of Nh alaihis-salm, the Flood took place, and the whole world was covered with water. All humans and animals on the earth were drowned, except Nh alaihis-salm and the Believers on the Ark. Nh alaihis-salm took one pair of every type of animal with him when boarding the Ark, so todays animals multiplied from them.

There were three sons of Nh alaihis-salm on the Ark: Sm (Shem), Yfas (Japheth), and Hm (Ham). People on the earth today are descendants of these three. Therefore, Nh alaihis-salm is called the Second Father.

Could you narrate the story of Nh alaihis-salm?
The summary of Hadrat Nhs story, referred to in the Hd Sra, is as follows:

Hadrat Nh said to his people:
I am an evident warner for you. Do not worship anyone besides Allah.

The eminent ones among the unbelievers said:
You are a human like us, and you have no superiority over us. You are telling a lie. Moreover, those who follow you are lower classes.
O my people! If my Lord has given me prophethood, what will you say?

No, O Nh, you have gone too far in the conflict with us. If you are a prophet, if what you say is true, then bring the torment you are threatening us with.
If Allah wills, He brings disaster. He is not incompetent to send disaster.

Allahu tal ordered Hadrat Nh to build the Ark and informed him, People other than the Believers in you will drown in water. While he was building the Ark at a rural place far from the sea, the chiefs of the unbelievers would mock him as they called by him. The Ark was built as a three-decker. The Believers were put on the upper deck; domestic animals, on the middle deck; wild beasts, on the lower deck.

Allahs command came. When the steam-powered Ark started up, 72 Believers, the half of which were men and the other half of which were women, and one pair of every type of animal were loaded onto the Ark. While the Ark was carrying them amid the mountains-like waves, Hadrat Nh called out to his son Kann, who was climbing the mountain:
O my son, come with us. Do not be one of the unbelievers!
I will climb the mountain and escape the flood.
Today, no person, except Believers, can escape it.

A wave came between them, drowning his son.

After they had stayed afloat for about six months, the earth was ordered, Swallow your water! The sky was ordered, Withhold your water! Then the flood waters retreated, and the Ark rested on Mount Judi. [Nh alaihis-salm became a prophet when he was 40 years old. He gave advice to his people for 950 years. After the Flood, he lived 50 years.]

Hadrat Nh
O my Lord! You were going to rescue those who were of my family. Your promise is true, and you do not break your promise. But my son drowned in the flood.
O Nh! That son of yours is not regarded as being of your family because of his committing an evil deed. I rescued those who were of your family.

As it is seen, an irreligious son of a Muslim is not counted as being of his family. An irreligious person is excluded from receiving inheritance as well. A person who, though being a Muslims child, does not consider the fardsfor example, saltimportant and who does not feel sorry when committing a sin becomes a murtad (renegade) and cannot receive a legacy from a Muslim. An illegitimate child whose father does not accept paternity cannot be an inheritor to his or her father. (Radd-ul-mukhtr)

The Ark of Hadrat Nh
How could 6 million animal species and one pair from each species fit into the Ark of Nh?
Of these species, small animals, such as lice, fleas, and flies, were in the majority. Big animals were well-known ones. Their number does not exceed 100. The Ark was enormous, and the length of time spent building it was months, even years. It had a capacity of holding even 12 million animal species. There is no question about Allahu tals omnipotence.

After the Flood, did all humans descend from only the children of Hadrat Nh?
Yes, they descended from only the children of Hadrat Nh.

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