Tranquility Is in the Heart

* The Believer is he who says “I was waiting for this” when something good or evil befalls him. He who believes in Allahu ta’ala’s qada and qadar is free from sadness.

* Tranquility is in the heart, not at place. The tranquility of the heart and happiness of the human is through the remembrance of Allahu ta'ala. 

* Dhikr is several types. Reading the Qur’an al-karim is a dhikr. Reading a religious book written correctly is a dhikr. Suhbah is a dhikr. Salat is a dhikr. That is, dhikr is to remember Allah. It is to remember Him one way or the other. Comfort and tranquility are through dhikr.

* An Islamic scholar has two qualities. The first is tawadu. One who knows Allahu ta’ala cannot raise one’s head. The more one knows Him, the more one fears Him. True scholars are the ones who fear Him the most. The second quality is naql. Our religion is based on naql.

* If there is no ikhlas anywhere, there is worldly concerns and dunya there. Ikhlas means the hereafter and means for the sake of Allah.

* Ailments are the zakat of the body.

* One who thinks of religious superiors continuously gets fayd continuously.

* There is dissolution for all perfections. Dissolution begins after 40 years of age.

* This world is not bad. What is bad is to love it. There cannot be two fears in a heart. One who fears the world will not fear the hereafter. There are two ways in worldly life:

1. an airless long tunnel,
2. a tunnel that is airy and full of joy.

Those who go through the airless tunnel will attain comfort and will be free from troubles in the end. Those who go through the tunnel that is airy and full of joy will fall into the pit of Hell and will be distressful.

* If you have the aqidah of Ahl as-Sunnah wa’l Jama’ah and are on the path of the religious superiors, then it would be rubbish compared with the blessing you have if you were given 40 thousand worlds.

* Despair is haram and a grave sin.

* A wise person does much work in a short period of time.

* Let one who wants safety not value the world. Let one who wants karamah value what is endless.

* The world is disparaged just because people sin against Allahu ta’ala in it, not for its soil or stone.

* An Ahl as-Sunnah Muslim is a selected person. Whoever has this blessing, it means that Allahu ta’ala has honored him with the greatest blessing. One should appreciate it. Iman in the heart is very important. One attains guidance with only one word and one may go out of the fold of Islam with only one word. We must exert efforts to preserve iman. One should walk on this mines-laid field called dunya without stepping on them. To this end, a guide, a mentor is needed. The guide strives so that one may not step on mines or affected by them. If one loses iman, it means one has shattered. Hadrat Imam- Rabbani tells the remedy for safety against this danger, “The most important and best deed to do in the world is to be with the friends of Allah.”

* The agent represents the principal. Upsetting the agent means upsetting the principal. Objections to the agent mean objections to the principal.

* Giving is highly important. Always be the giver, not receiver. The reason for this is that Islam is the religion of giving, and it grew by giving. One is given after one gives. One cannot receive without first giving.

* Whoever gets a masjid done, even if it is as little as a bird’s nest, Allahu ta’ala will give him a big mansion.