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Salat Is a Remedy

* Perform five daily salats without delaying. A salat performed correctly is a remedy for every evil.

* A wife who performs salats and obeys the rules of Islamic dress is a great blessing.

* Performing salat is easy only for the Believers who fear Allahu ta’ala.

* If people do not perform salat within the required time and not obey Allahu ta’ala’s commandments and prohibitions, then He gives four calamities:
1. Rizq is reduced.
2. Diseases increase.
3. Security dies out.
4. Compassion disappears.

* Teach your children the importance of salat and make them perform it, without fail. Know that everything that prevents them from performing salat causes their destruction, so notify them of this fact.

Ensuring their future success is possible only with being a good Muslim. Diplomas do not ensure future success. A diploma works after one has become a good Muslim. Then one benefits more both   oneself and humans.

* Salat is a measure. Whoever weighs it to the fullest, that is, performs it duly, he/she will attain great reward. Whoever gives short weight (that is, performs it not according to its conditions), let him remember Wayl (Hell).

* How much one remembers Allahu ta’ala while eating, one will remember Him the same during salat.

* A faithful friend is the one who shares his friend’s both sorrow and joy.

* One who agrees on untrue words is yes-man and two-faced.

* To claim to gather the love of the world and that of Allah together is a lie, and the one who claims it is a liar.

* One who is afflicted by trouble or a problem in worldly affairs should turn to seeking forgiveness and performing salat. A salat performed correctly is a cure for all problems.

* Bragging and being arrogant are traits of base people.

* One who serves is served.

* The main reason of all kinds of enmity is to make friends with evil people and to do them favors.

* The most uneasy person in the world is the one who bears jealousy and grudge in one’s heart.

* One who gossips about others near you will gossip about you too when you are not present.

* Being content with what you have will give you comfort.

* One who knows keeping one’s secret is the master of one’s work.

* In our religion, asking for something is despicableness while giving something is dignity.

* A self-seeker is antipathetic.

* Three things are essential for the felicity both in the world and hereafter: faith, deeds, and sincerity.

* Do not let the days that brings with incidents influence you. Focus on being a good Muslim. Do not show impatience due to calamities and troubles.

* Whose only thought and goal is eating and drinking, his/her value is as much as the feces in his/her bowels.


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