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The Importance of Performing Qurban

Question: What is the virtue of performing qurban (qurbani, udhiyah)?
If one, while one has the minimum wealth that makes one liable for performing qurban, does not perform it though it is wajib on one, one’s house cries out and curses the householder. It says, “As you have not performed qurban, may Allahu ta’ala not let you do good deeds.” That house becomes object of troubles and calamities that year. However, the house of one who performs qurban becomes happy and expresses good wishes for the householder. Count qurban as a blessing. The Muslim who performs qurban frees himself from Hell. It is stated in hadith-i sharifs:   

(The worst of the stingy is the one who does not perform qurban[while it is wajib on him].) [Se'adet-i Ebediyye]

(Let him who does not perform qurban [while he has the means] not come to the place where we perform salat.) [Hakim]

(There is a thawab for qurban's each hair and each part of it.) [Hakim]

(Let your qurbans be fleshy. They are your mounts on Sirat.) [Zad-ul-mukwin]

(There is as much thawab for you as the number of hairs on the skin of the qurban. There are as many rewards for you as each drop of blood of it. It will be put on your scale [mizan]. Glad tidings.) [Ibn Majah]

(He who sacrifices qurban by expecting thawab will be protected from Hell.) [Tabarani]

(Of the deeds done on Eid al-Adha, there is no deed dearer to Allah than performing qurban. Allahu ta’ala protects him even before its blood falls to the ground. Purify your nafses with it. Sacrifice it gladly.) [Tirmidhi]

(The best of qurbans is a horned ram.) [Ibn Majah]

(O Fatima, go near your qurban. Be present there while it is being sacrificed. Your past sins are forgiven with the first blood that falls from it.) [Ibn Hibban]

(On the Day of Resurrection, the qurban sacrificed will be put on scale [mizan] with its flesh and blood enlarged 70 times.) [Isfahani]


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