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Zakat of Silver Goods

Question: If one has 1 kilogram of silver goods, such as a silver tray, candy bowl, and ewer, how should one give zakat on them?
It is written in Se’adet-i Ebediyye:
“If a silver ewer weighing 200 dirhams has a value of 300 dirhams in craftsmanship and art, the zakat of it is given as 5 dirhams of silver. Gold that has a value of 5 dirhams of silver cannot be given in lieu of silver. Gold that has a value of 7.5 dirhams of silver must be given.”

The nisab of silver is 200 dirhams, which equals 672 grams. 

If one wants to give its zakat in silver, one must give 25 grams of silver for 1 kilogram of silver. If one does not give it in silver, then one cannot give the equivalent of 25 grams of silver. One must calculate the value of 1 kilogram of silver and give one-fortieth of it in gold. For instance, if, today, 1 kilogram of silver is 600 Turkish liras, one-fortieth of it is 15 Turkish liras. However, one cannot give gold that equals 15 Turkish liras as zakat. If a silver object equals 6 thousand Turkish liras in craftsmanship and antiquity, one must give gold of 150 Turkish liras, which is its one-fortieth. If one prefers to give its zakat in silver, then one must give 25 grams of silver, which amounts to 15 Turkish liras. In short, if its zakat is given in silver, then one must give 25 grams of silver, which amounts to 15 Turkish liras. If gold is given on its value, then one has to give gold of 150 Turkish liras.

Besides, if one has only 500 grams of silver, one does not have to give zakat. If one has money or gold additionally, all of them are included in nisab. For example, if one has 3,000 Turkish liras and 500 grams of silver and if it is 300 Turkish liras as silver but if the value of the silver object is 5,000 Turkish liras in craftsmanship, one has to give zakat on 8,000 Turkish liras.


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