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Questions and Contact

When asking questions, you should adhere to the following:

1. Before asking a question, you should read the articles related to your question in our website.

2. When you are asking a question, as it is not appropriate to go into irrelevant details, so it is not appropriate to write in few words and make it difficult to understand. In addition to this, you should not ask your question as, “If one does something that causes disbelief.” Instead, you should specify that “something”, that is, you should ask it by exemplifying.

3. You should certainly state in advance the necessary things that must be known for the reply, thereby not causing us to ask it again or not causing a second mailing. Especially, in questions pertaining to haid [menstruation], you have to add how many days you experienced menstruation and purity in the previous month; the number of your latest menstrual days that lasted less than 10 days if the flow of blood lasted more than 10 days in the previous months; whether you are imitating the Mâlikî Madhhab; if so, how many days maximum your menstrual bleeding went on.

4. In your questions pertaining to making a long-distance journey (safar), you should tell us your watan-i aslî [your real home], how far away (in kilometers) your destination is, whether you are imitating the Mâlikî Madhhab or not.

5. When you are asking such questions as, “Is it permissible to accept or eat a gift given by a person who does a harâm deed,” you should define clearly what you mean by “a harâm deed” and whether it is that person’s sole source of income.

6. In the same way, people ask, “What should we do the harâm money we have?” In this question, you should clarify what you mean by “harâm money.” Maybe, this money you consider to be harâm is in fact not harâm.

7. The article we have sent as a link or an attachment in reply to your question should be read from beginning to the end.

It should be born in mind that the answer is given according to your question, that is, according to how you explain it. If you ask your question incorrectly or incompletely, the response may also be incorrect. If you abide by the above, you can get the answers correctly and more quickly.


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