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Serving Allah's Religion

* Those who serve the religion of Allahu ta’ala correctly in a manner that pleases Him and those who solve problems of His servants will sit on thrones in the shade on the Day of Gathering. Allahu ta’ala will talk to them. There will be neither reckoning nor torment for them.

* The most difficult task is to serve Islam because Allahu ta’ala charges with the most difficult task the one He trusts and loves most, namely, prophets and their inheritors.

* The secret to success is unity with solidarity, honesty, and choosing a good goal.

* Saving a person from a burning house brings much thawab, but it is nothing when compared with saving him from the fire of Hell. You must make every effort so that one more person may be saved from hellfire.

* Muslimhood is the felicity of both this world and the world to come. The thing that Allahu ta’ala loves most after faith is to serve His servants.

* If Allahu ta’ala loves a person, He gives him two things: (1) He makes him meet one of His servants whom He loves; and (2) He gives him beneficial work. The best work is that which was done by our Master the Prophet.

* What a great pleasure it is to take Allah’s religion to the feet of His servants.

* Sufism is to spend time doing the most valuable thing.

* Sufism is to carry the burden of everyone and not to make anyone carry your own burden.

* The purpose of Sufism is to remember Allahu ta’ala all the time without forcing yourself.

* The value of a person is in direct proportion to what degree he comprehends the realities of Ahl as-Sunnah scholars.

* What is necessary for a person is, first, to have the creed of Ahl as-Sunnah and then to obey the commandments and prohibitions of Allahu ta’ala and then to progress on the path of Sufism.

* If all miraculous deeds were given to us but if our creed is not correct, then we would be wretched. If all wretched and ugliness were showered upon us but if our creed is correct, we should not worry. The correct creed is the creed of Ahl as-Sunnah.

* Allahu ta’ala invites people to His Paradise. He sent our Master the Prophet as the inviter and Islam as the invitation card. However, most of people did not accept the invitation. For this reason, it is repeated over and over in the Qur'an al-karim that most of people are disbelievers and most of people are sinners.

* Money, glory, and fame do not comfort a person, but ruin him/her if they are not kept under control by Islam.


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