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The Best Response to a Fool

* Do not respond when a dissolute and ignorant person speaks. Silence is better than responding to him. The best response to a fool is silence.

* It is hoped that all the enmity will turn into love, but the enmity that arises from jealousy is not like that.

* You say that you love Allahu ta'ala, but you rebel against Him. It is not love. If you were sincere about your love, you would obey Allahu ta'ala because the lover obeys the beloved.

* Go to the one that comes to you. Do not treat badly the one who treats badly and harms you.

* Guard your tongue, so that it won’t bite you because it is a huge snake.

* A person who is not beneficial to himself cannot be beneficial to anyone else. If a person doesn’t do himself a favor, people will not do him favors, either.

* The one who wonders whether he does himself a favor should look at the value he gives to the salat performed five times a day. The salat performed properly is a key to all goodness and a cure for every trouble.

* If a person starts to praise himself, his value goes down.

* Expel the enemy from your heart. Then there is no need to call the friend to the heart. The heart is never empty. The heart which is cleaned from worldly thoughts will turn to Allahu ta’ala automatically.
[It is like air filling up a bottle after it is emptied.]

* Something continues in the way as it started. You should have two intentions when you start a service: serving Allah’s religion and being beneficial to His servants. Do your job with justice. While doing that job, happiness and trouble should be shared all together.

* Two people’s revealing each other's faults after they get cross is a sign of hypocrisy.

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