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Words of Wisdom

* Rage and grudge blind one's eyes, so one cannot see realities.

* A scholar continues living even when he dies. An ignorant person is dead even when he is alive.

* Spreading gossip means betraying a trust.

* This world is the place of working. The place of reward is the hereafter.

* Value the actions of humans, not their words. Do not be deceived by the words of everyone.

* There is no fear for Allah in a heart where there is arrogance.

* It is gross stupidity to do deeds worthy of entering Hell and then to hope for Paradise.

* It is extremely difficult for a person who has the love for fame in his heart to find the truth.

* The remedy for protecting wealth from harm is to give zakat of it.

* The good person is the one who benefits his family.

* Good morals are to refrain from harming others and to endure difficulties.

* Bad morals are to rebel against and oppose Allahu ta'ala.

* Tawakkul is to submit yourself to Allah in all your affairs and to endure all things that befall you thinking that they are all from Him.

* A Muslim lady is like those who perform jihad in the way of Allah as long as she breastfeeds her baby.

* The best thing given to a guest is a smiling face and soft words.

* It does not befit a Muslim to be in a position to beg something from others.

* The thing that brings all acts of worship within itself and draws one much nearer to Allah is salat.

* The best of blessings is the one earned by way of working.

* Saying "I am the son of so-and-so" does not exalt a person.

* Every building has a base. The base of the building of Islam is good moral qualities.

* A perfect person is the one who does not change even when praised or insulted.

* Learning the knowledge ('ilm) that is obligatory on you is better than all gains of the world. For everyone, there is nothing better than learning knowledge ('ilm).

* Do not hurt the feelings of even a disbeliever. Hurting the feelings of a person means offending Allahu ta'ala.

* Control yourself while doing two things: while talking and while eating.


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