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Seek Help Through Patience and Salat

People of wisdom state:
The way to victory is patience and piety (taqwa). Do not hurry. Be patient. Hold your tongue. Safety is in holding the tongue. Whatever befalls the human is due to the tongue and hastiness. Patience is of paramount importance. The Qur'an al-karim says (what means): "Allah loves the patient. Seek help from Allah through patience and salat." Hastiness is from Satan. However, one must be hasty in performing salat, and one must make every effort to perform it as soon as its time starts.

Salat means being taken to the Divine presence. Salat performed in congregation means gathering together in the Divine presence. What a great blessing to be in the Divine presence. Allahu ta'ala says to a person performing salat, "O My servant, ask for whatever you want, and I will give it." This is the time when du'a is answered. In addition, a hadith-i sharif says, "On Friday, there is a particular time in which whatever du'a one makes it is granted." The majority of our scholars state that the time of acceptance of du'a is the time in which Salat al-Asr is offered. There are scholars who mentioned different times as to the time of acceptance of du'a on Friday. For this reason, one should spend Fridays making du'a and doing acts of worship as much as possible.

Once, some people asked Hadrat Abu al-Hasan al-Kharqani, "Sir, Allahu ta'ala says, 'Ask from Me, and I will grant it.' However, when we ask for something from Him, He does not grant it." He answered, "It seems that you do not know how to ask for. Allahu ta'ala accepts du'a, but which du'a? Our Master the Prophet explained it. One day, when Sa'd ibn Abi Waqqas, one of the 10 Companions promised Paradise, requested, 'O the Messenger of Allah, you are the darling of Allahu ta'ala. He accepts whatever du'a you make. Make du'a that Allahu ta'ala accepts all my du'as,' our Master the Prophet pointed to his mouth with his blessed finger and said, 'O Sa'd, whoever wants his du'a to be granted, let him be careful with his mouth. Allahu ta'ala does not accept a du'a made by a mouth where haram enters and where haram comes out of.'"

To sum up, we must control our tongues so that our du'as may be accepted. We must abstain from alcoholic drinks and all earnings obtained by lies, deceit, and unlawful means and earn money according to our religion's instructions. Haram words should not come out of our mouths; that is, we must avoid backbiting, slandering, gossiping, and lying. Our Master the Prophet stated that the du'a of a person who is careful with these will be granted.


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