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Only a Muslim Will Enter Paradise

People of wisdom state:

* Disbelievers will not enter Paradise even if they are killed in a cruel and unjust manner. Being a Muslim is a precondition for entering Paradise.

* Chief among the sins that lead one to disbelief (kufr) is arrogance.

* Allahu ta'ala does not like those who spend time on useless things.

* Being fond of haram (forbidden) things means being fond of carrion.

* Civilization does not mean advances in technology. It means using technology for the good of humans. Civilization is to develop countries by constructing buildings, machines, and factories and to utilize technology and all kinds of revenues for the people’s freedom, welfare, and peace.

* It is not a wise move to give something eternal in order to obtain something transitory.

* The word dunya refers to haram and makruh acts.

* The number of one's breaths is predetermined. It neither increases nor decreases. Traffic accidents, heart attacks, and similar things are only ostensible reasons.

* "Min ghayri hawlin minnaa wa laa quwwah" is an excellent prayer. It means, "It is not from me, and it has nothing to do with me. It is outside of my power and labor." For example, we eat a meal. Take, for instance, beans. They come to us passing from many places and people. We do not know who sowed, grew, and winnowed them. They have been put before us, and we are eating them. Sustenance (rizq) runs after the human, and the human runs after it. They seek and find each other.

* Taking the property or money of someone secretly means stealing. Taking his/her money by force means extorting. The one who takes another's money or property by stealing or extorting will constantly earn sins until dying, unless one gives back the money or property. Apart from the sin of stealing or extorting, one will incur another sin, too: If the owner of this money or property decided to spend that money or property on a good cause before it was stolen or extorted, the sin of preventing it is added to one's sin of stealing or extorting as well. The matter of the rights of humans is very important. For this reason, prefer dying to wronging a person.

* Avoid sui dhann (thinking ill of a Muslim, suspicion, ill opinion). It causes one to commit some other sins as well, and it is one of the gravest sins. The reason for this is that there is no repentance for sui dhann. That is, one committing it does not make repentance because one does not know that one is keeping sui dhann in one's mind for someone else. The punishment for a sin for which one does not make repentance will be Hellfire.

* A Believer should be like food. That is, he/she must always be needed.

* Allahu ta'ala does not accept your thanks for a blessing unless you thank the person who has caused that blessing to come to you.

* The gravest sin after disbelief (kufr) is to hurt the feelings of a person. Do not hurt the feelings of even a disbeliever.

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