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Q&A Concerning Marital Issues

Question: Is it permissible for us to attend a wedding party that involves musical instruments?
You must not attend it if there is no necessity that compels you to attend it.

Question: Some women divulge to their husbands the sins they committed before marriage. Should a woman divulge them?
No, she must not tell her husband the sins she committed before marriage. Indeed, one must not mention one’s sins to anyone because Allahu ta’ala forgives those sins that one has repented of and has never committed again.

Question: Is it fard (obligatory) upon a husband to get on well with his wife?
It is fard to get on well with everybody, and it is haram (forbidden) to hurt one’s feelings.

Question: I am a female gynecologist. Women who have lost their virginity turn to me to have their hymens repaired. I, as a Muslim doctor, do not deem it right to do this operation. However, there are also Muslim women wearing hijab who want to undergo hymen repair surgery. My best judgment suggests that these women were not deflowered by illicit sexual intercourse (zina) because they say that the defloration was caused by an accident against their will. Is it a sin for me to suture the tear in the hymen of such a woman?
To perform a hymen restoration operation on a woman who was deflowered by illicit sexual intercourse (zina) means helping her in her deception, so one who performs it will be accountable for it. However, it is possible that there may be women who were deflowered by an accident against their will. As it is not medically possible to determine whether the defloration was caused by an accident or by illicit sexual intercourse, it is not a sin for you to believe what Muslim women wearing hijab say.

Question: Is it permissible for me to take money out of the pocket of my husband without his consent to spend on the necessities of our family?
It is not permissible and is haram.

Question: Are there any special days when marriage is recommended?
The nights of Monday and Friday should be preferred for marriage.

Question: If there is no discord in a family, is it a good sign?
Of course, it is good. A hadith-i sharif says:
(Harmony and mildness prevail among family members whom Allahu ta’ala loves.) [Ibn Abi ad-Dunya]


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