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The 62nd Verse of Surat al-Baqarah

Question: The syncretists of today, adducing the 62nd verse of Surat al-Baqarah as support for their opinion, assert, “There is no need to say the part ‘Muhammadun rasoolullah’ of Kalima at-Tawheed. Anyone who says only ‘La ilaaha illallah’ will enter Paradise. As the mercy of Allahu ta’ala encompasses everything, Jews and Christians, who are Ahl al-Kitab, will gain admittance to Paradise, too. In fact, Muslims share much common ground with Jews and Christians with regard to faith. For this reason, we should be friendly with them, go to church, and attend their religious ceremonies.” Does what they say have any basis in Shari’ah? Will non-Muslims be admitted into Paradise?

The religion of a non-Muslim (kafir, disbeliever) is not accepted from him/her. How can his/her good deeds be accepted? The Qur’an al-karim says (what means):

(Verily, for those who believed [in the prophets who were sent before you], as well as for those Jews, Christians, and Sabaeans who believe in Allah and the Day of Judgment and do pious deeds, there are rewards at their Lord.) [Al-Baqarah 62, Al-Ma’idah 69]

Of course, the Jews who lived during the time of Musa (Moses) ‘alaihis-salam and believed in his message as well as the Christians who lived during the time of ‘Isa (Jesus) ‘alaihis-salam and believed in his message will enter Paradise, because Hadrat Musa and Hadrat Isa were Muslim like all other prophets.

Because all the other religions were changed and corrupted, Allahu ta’ala has sent the Islamic religion as the last religion. He has stated explicitly that He will not accept any religion other than it.

Jews and Christians will continue to remain in kufr (disbelief) unless they believe in all prophets, including Muhammad ‘alaihis-salam. Let us refer to the Qur’an al-karim about this matter:

(Among them, some believed in him [Muhammad ‘alaihis-salam] and some turned away from him. And sufficient for them is Hell with a blazing fire. Those who reject Our ayahs and, therefore, become disbelievers, We will certainly throw them into the fire.) [An-Nisa’ 55-56]

(Abraham [Ibrahim] was neither a Jew nor a Christian. He was an upright Muslim, who knew Allah.) [Al-i Imran 67]

[In common with all the other prophets, Hadrat Abraham was a Muslim. If Ahl al-Kitab (Jews and Christians) were on truth (haqq), it would not have been stated so in the verse.]

(The Jews said “Uzair is the son of Allah,” and the Christians said “The Messiah is the son of Allah.” They resemble what the earlier disbelievers
[who said angels were daughters of Allah] said. May Allah destroy them! How perverse they are!) [At-Tawbah 30]

In this verse, Jews and Christians are heavily criticized as they imitate other disbelievers.

(If Ahl al-Kitab
had believed [in Islam] and guarded [against evil], We would have covered their evil deeds and made them enter Paradise, filled with abundant blessings.) [Al-Ma’idah 65]

They are not counted as Believers because they do not believe in Islam.

(O Believers! Do not take Jews and Christians as your friends. They are the friends of one another [in their enmity toward Islam]. Whoever takes them as his friend becomes one of them [becomes a kafir]. Allah does not guide those who wrong [themselves because of taking disbelievers as their friends.].) [Al-Ma’idah 51]

Jews and Christians cannot be our friends as they are disbelievers.

(Let the Believers not take disbelievers as their friends. Those who take them as their friends have cut themselves off from the friendship of Allah.) [Al-i ‘Imran 28]

(The Christians and the Jews will not be pleased with you unless you follow their religion. Say: “Allah’s way [Islam] is the only true way.”) [Al-Baqarah 120]

That is, Christians and Jews are not on the [Allah’s] true way. They will not be pleased with the Messenger of Allah unless he embraces their corrupt religions. For this reason, Muslims’ only going to the church or their kissing the Pope’s hand does not satisfy them.

Whoever denies any of the six articles of faith (Amantu) becomes a kafir (disbeliever). In order for a person to convert to Islam, it is not sufficient to say only “I believe in Allah” or “La ilaaha illallah.” Christians and Jews will remain in disbelief (kufr) until they believe in all prophets, including Muhammad ‘alaihis-salam.

We do not share any common ground with Christians and Jews with regard to faith. Can we have anything in common with those who do not believe in the six articles of faith? Do Jews and Christians believe in all prophets (e.g., Muhammad ‘alaihis-salam) and all heavenly books (e.g., the Qur’an al-karim)? Their belief in Allah is totally different from our belief in Him. They believe in the Trinity and regard ‘Isa ‘alaihis-salam as the son of Allah. Where is the common ground between our faith and their faith?

Last but not least, for admission to Paradise, being a Muslim is a prerequisite; that is, it is absolutely essential that one believe in the six articles of faith. Jews and Christians cannot enter Paradise simply because they want it to happen, and they cannot enter Hell simply because we want it to happen. They will be thrown into Hell as they do not believe in the Islamic faith. Everything belongs to Allahu ta’ala, and He has made it a precondition that one must become a Muslim first so that one may enter Paradise. For this reason, let them embrace Islam first and then go to Paradise.

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