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The Body of an Ignorant Person Is a Portable Grave

* Beware of three things strictly: indulgence in the desires of the nafs, bad company, and conceit.

* In everybody’s heart, there is love for the generous and hatred toward the stingy.

* The tongue is the mirror of the reality of the heart. The heart is the mirror of the reality of the soul. The soul is the mirror of the reality of the human.

* A person’s love for worldly things is a barrier between Allahu ta’ala and him.

* Knocking down a mountain with a needle is easier than eradicating arrogance (kibr) from the heart.

* An ambitious person would still be poor even if the entire world were in his possession.

* Choose for yourself such a friend that he does not have an ambition for worldly things.

* People are divided into three classes: rulers, scholars of the religion, and the public. When rulers become corrupt, so do the relations between people. When scholars become corrupt, so does the religion. When the public become corrupt, so do morals.

* It stems from a person’s pride that he remembers his good deeds but forgets his sins.

* Good thoughts pervade the heart of a good person while evil thoughts pervade the heart of an evil person.

* To be worthy of mercy in the Hereafter, one must die a Muslim.

* Many a day I cried complainingly. Afterwards, a time came when I cried for the days I had cried.

* A person’s boasting of a sin he committed is worse than his committing that sin.

* There is no fear of Allah in a heart where there is arrogance (kibr).

* Even if a person gathers all types of knowledge (‘ilm) within himself, he cannot escape from torment unless he performs acts of worship in the way Allah is pleased with.

* Mildness extinguishes the flames of rage while fury fans them.

* Speaking ill of any of the Blessed Companions means speaking ill of Islam.

* The most valuable act of worship is to spread the religion of Allahu ta’ala to His servants.

* It is of character qualities of prophets to be pleased with whatever comes from Allahu ta’ala and to show mercy to His servants.

* Tawakkul means to submit to Allahu ta’ala in all of your affairs and to know that whatever befalls you is from Him and for this reason to be able to bear it.

* It is haram to cause people to get into trouble, to pester them, and to offend them.

* Patience is the best character quality. Knowledge (‘ilm) is the most honorable ornament.

* If a human’s honor and value were judged by wealth, wealthy disbelievers would be more valuable.

* A person who serves the poor will be rewarded with three things: modesty, decency (adab), and generosity.

* There is no property equaling wisdom, no friend equaling good moral qualities, no inheritance equaling decency (adab), and no honor equaling knowledge (‘ilm).

* The body of an ignorant person is a portable grave. He is in the sleep of ghaflah unless he learns knowledge (‘ilm). He does not wake up until he dies.

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