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Words of Advice

People of wisdom state:

* Wise remarks are like honey falling in drops from a comb. They are pleasing to the human soul.

* If one makes du’a with a tongue with which one did not commit a sin against Allahu ta’ala, one’s du’a will be answered.

* There are three vices. Whoever has them is at a disadvantage: breaking a promise, deceiving others, and committing tyranny.

* It is surprising that though one knows the fact that one will be called to account one still continues to accumulate wealth through unlawful (haram) means.

* The best of Muslims is the one who is helpful and makes himself useful to people.

* It is a cause of happiness to read the books of Ahl as-Sunnah scholars, which they wrote for the sake of Allah.

* The essence of gratitude (shukr) is to know the Owner of a blessing, to accept this fact within the heart, and to utter it with the tongue as well.

* The beginning (awwal) of knowledge (‘ilm) is intention and then to understand it and then to practice it and then to maintain it and then to spread it.

* Knowledge is better than property. Knowledge protects you, but you protect property. The guards of property die, but the guards of knowledge live within hearts.

* People love you as much as you love Allah. They fear you as much as you fear Allah. They will obey you as much as you obey Allah. They will serve you as much as you serve Allah. Whatever you do, do it for His sake. Otherwise, nothing you do will be useful. Do not be self-centered. Do not put your trust in anyone other than Him. Do not boast of your deeds even if you do a lot of acts of worship.

* A few days’ trials and tribulations, which will lead to endless comfort, will not be difficult for a person who knows that torment and rewards in the Hereafter will be eternal.

* A person who has no patience with a single criticism will face many criticisms.

* Knowledge is like food. There is always a need for it, and it benefits everyone.

* We must protect our eyes against looking at what is haram and seeing the faults of others.

* The most valuable act of worship is not to obey the nafs.

* Wherever you want to go on the Day of Judgment, make preparations accordingly.

* Fear of Allah is the ornament of acts of worship.

* The things that have come into a person’s possession without him working to obtain them will be neither permanent nor lasting.

* If something haram has gone into the body of a person, he cannot get the taste of his salats.

* Do not attempt to commit a sin by reposing your trust in Allahu ta’ala’s mercy.

* Do not be one of those who eat fearlessly whatever he finds without thinking whether it is haram or halal.

* O my Lord! You hide Your friends and awliya so much so that whoever finds them finds You, and whoever does not find You does not know them.

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