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Q&A Regarding Wudu'

Question: The Qur'anic verses concerning salat were revealed in Mecca, but the verses concerning wudu' were revealed in Medina. Were salats performed without wudu' in Mecca, then?
Wudu', together with salat, was made obligatory (fard) in Mecca during the Mi’raj event. It was fard upon the past ummats, too. Before the Mi’raj, the Blessed Companions had been performing salat with wudu'. To prevent the ummat until Doomsday from falling into disagreement, it was ordered and its importance was stressed in Surah al-Maida. (Radd-ul-mukhtar)

Question: We have a European-style toilet in our bathroom. Is it permissible to make wudu' in such a bathroom?
One can make wudu', say the wudu' prayers, and take ghusl at a place where there is a toilet.

Question: Is it permissible to say salam to a person performing wudu'?
Yes, it is permissible.

Question: Is it permissible to make wudu' in pitch-dark?
Yes, it is permissible.

Question: Is there anything wrong with making wudu' with auto wudu' machine?
There is nothing wrong if the following conditions are satisfied:
1. If one can wash every limb three times, taking fresh water each time,
2. If it does not cause water wastage,
3. If one can rub each limb washed.

Question: If one, after making wudu', doubts whether or not one applied masah on one's head or whether or not one is in a state of wudu', what should one do?
They are baseless misgivings (waswasa), so one should not heed them. One is not obligated to renew wudu'.

Question: Does a person who goes to bed in a state of wudu' not have a nocturnal emission?
Nocturnal emission is a natural bodily function. It has nothing to do with going to bed with or without wudu'. That is, a person who goes to bed in a state of wudu' may have a nocturnal emission, too.

Question: If a person leaves a mosque after performing salat and his wudu' is broken at that time, can he go back to the mosque to pick up his umbrella he has forgotten there?
It is permissible, out of necessity, to enter it and then leave it immediately.

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