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The Prayers Recited in Wudu'

Question: What are the prayers recited during wudu', and what do they mean?
In wudu', it is mustahab to recite [the prescribed] prayers or say, while one is washing one's each organ, the Kalima-i Shahadat. One who does not know these prescribed prayers in Arabic can recite them in English. The wudu' prayers and their meanings are as follows:

1. One should recite the following prayer at the beginning of wudu':

Bismillaahil-azeem. Wal-hamdu lillaahi 'alaa deen-il-Islaam. Wa 'alaa tawfeeq-il-eemaan. Al-hamdu lillaah-il-la-dhee ja'alal maa-a tahooran wa ja'alal Islaama nooran.

I begin with the name of Allahu ta'ala, the Greatest. Praise be to Allah, Who has given us the religion of Islam, granted us faith, and made water purifying and Islam a light.

2. One should say the following prayer when putting water in one's mouth:

Allaahummas-qinee min hawdi nabiyyika ka'san laa azmau ba'dahoo abadan.

O my Allah! Let me drink from Your Prophet's pool, a drink after which one will never feel thirst again.

3. One should say the following prayer when inhaling water into one's nose:

Allaahumma arihnee raa-yihat-al jannati warzuqnee min na'eemihaa. Wa laa turihnee raa-yihat-an naar.

O my Allah! Let me smell the scent of Paradise and bestow on me the blessings of Paradise. Keep me away from the stink of Hell.

4. The following prayer should be said when washing one's face:

Allaahumma bayyid wajhee bi-noo-rika yawma tabyaddu wu-joo-hu awli-yaa-ika wa laa tusawwid wajhee bi zu-noo-bee yawma taswaddu wu-juoo-hu a'daa-ika.

O my Allah! You brighten the faces of Your Awliya' with Your light; brighten my face, too. Do not blacken my face because of my sins on the Day when the faces of Your enemies will turn black.

5. One should say the following prayer when washing one's right arm:

Allaahumma a'tinee ki-taa-bee bi-ya-mee-nee wa haa-sib-nee hi-saa-ban ya-see-ran.

O my Allah! Give my book of deeds to me from my right side and make my reckoning an easy one.

6. One should say the following prayer when washing one's left arm:

Allaahumma laa tu'ti-nee ki-taa-bee bi shi-maa-lee wa laa min wa-raa-i zah-ree wa laa tu-haa-sib-nee hi-saa-ban sha-di-dan.

O my Allah! Do not give my book of deeds to me from my left side or from behind my back. Do not make my reckoning a difficult one.

7. One should say the following prayer when applying masah on one's head:

Allaahumma harrim sha'ree wa ba-sha-ree 'alan-naar. Wa a-zil-la-nee tahta zil-li 'ar-shi-ka yawma laa zil-la illaa zil-lu 'ar-shi-ka.

O my Allah! Do not throw my body and hair into Hell. Shade me under Your Arsh on the Day when there will be no shade except the shade of Your Arsh.

8. One should say the following prayer when applying masah on one's ears:

Allaahummaj'alnee minalla-dhee-na yastami'oonal-qawla fa yattabi'oona ahsanahoo.

O my Allah! Make me one of those who listen to the word and act upon it in the best way.

9. One should recite the following prayer when applying masah on the back of the neck:

Allaahumma a'tiq raqaba-tee min-an-naar.

O my Allah! Deliver my neck from the Fire.

10. One should say the following prayer when washing one's right foot:

Allaahumma thab-bit qadamayya 'alas-si-raa-ti yawma tazillu fee-hil-aq-daa-mu.

O my Allah! Make my feet steady on the Sirat on the Day when feet will slip.

11. One should say the following prayer when washing one's left foot:

Allaahumma laa tatrud qadamayya 'alas-si-raa-ti yawma tatrudu kullu aq-daa-mi a'daa-i-ka. Allaahummaj'al sa'yee mash-koo-ran wa dhan-bee magh-foo-ran wa a-ma-lee mak-bool-an wa ti-jaa-ra-tee lan ta-boo-ra.

O my Allah! Do not let my feet slip on the Sirat on the Day when the feet of Your enemies will slip. Make my effort praiseworthy. Forgive my sin. Accept my deed. Make my commerce halal.

12. One should say the following upon completing wudu':

Subhaana-kalla-humma wa bi hamdika. Ash-ha-du an laa ilaaha illaa anta wahdaka laa sha-ree-ka laka as-tagh-firuka wa atoobu ilayka ash-hadu an laa ilaaha ill-Allah wa ash-hadu anna Muhammadan abduka wa rasooluka.

O my Allah! You are free from every imperfection, and praise be to You. I testify that there is no deity except You, that You are one and have no partner, and that Muhammad 'alaihis-salam is Your slave and messenger.

13. It brings much thawab to recite Surah al-Qadr and say salawat after wudu'. Some hadith-i sharifs state:

(Whoever makes wudu' well and then says, "Ash-hadu an laa ilaaha ill-Allahu wahdahu laa sharika lah wa ash-hadu anna Muhammadan 'abduhu wa rasuluhu," the eight gates of Paradise will be opened to him.) [Nasai]

(Whoever recites Surah al-Qadr after wudu' will have his sins of 50 years forgiven.) [Halabi]

(Whoever recites Surah al-Qadr once after wudu' will be recorded among the truthful [siddiqeen]. Whoever recites it twice will be recorded among martyrs. Whoever recites it three times will be resurrected among prophets.) [Daylami]

(He who says salawat 10 times after wudu' will get rid of his worry, and his prayer will be answered.) [Ey Oğul İlmihâli]

Question: It is written in the fiqh books that in wudu' there is a certain prayer to be recited for each organ. If a person fails to synchronize a prayer with the organ it belongs to because of reciting it fast or slowly, will there be any harm on him?
There will be no harm on him.

Question: Is there anything wrong with saying the Kalima-i Shahadat or the phrase As-tagh-firullah or reciting prayers such as "Rabbanaa aa-ti-naa…" throughout wudu' if a person does not know the prescribed prayers recited during wudu'?
No, there is nothing wrong with it.

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