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The Adabs of Wudu'

Question: What are the adabs of wudu'?
In this context adab means something which causes thawab when done but incurs no sin if omitted. But to do a sunnat causes thawab and not to do it is makruh tanzihi.

Some of the adabs of wudu' are as follows:

To make wudu' before the time for salat begins.

2. When one cleans oneself in the toilet, the qibla should be on one’s right or left-hand side.

3. To clean oneself with water after using the toilet. One should wash one's private parts until they are clean.

4. To wipe the private parts dry with a piece of cloth after washing them.

5. To cover oneself right after the cleaning [of the private parts] is completed.

6. Not to ask for help from anybody, but to perform wudu' by oneself.

7. To turn toward the direction of the qibla when making wudu'.

8. Not to talk while making wudu'.

9. To recite the Kalima-i shahadat while washing each part.

10. To recite the prescribed prayers (du’a) of wudu'.

11. To put water in the mouth with the right hand.

12. To put water in the nose with the right and to clean it with the left hand.

13. To brush the teeth with a miswak when washing the mouth.

14. When washing the mouth, to rinse it—that is, to gargle lightly in the throat—if one is not fasting.

15. When washing the nose, to sniff the water almost up
to the bone.

16. When applying masah on the ears, to insert one finger of each hand into the entrance of ear canals [both ears must be done at once].

17. To use the little finger of the left hand when passing a finger between the toes and to permeate the toes with the finger from the lower sides of them.

18. To move a loose ring when washing the hands. It is fard to move a tight ring.

19. Not to waste water though it may be plentiful.

20. Not to use too little water as if rubbing a limb with oil.

21. After using a container for wudu', to leave it full of water.

22. To recite the prayer “Allahummaj’alnee minattawwaabeen waj'alnee minal-mutatahhireena waj'alnee min 'ibaadikas-saaliheena waj'alnee minalladheena laa khawfun 'alayhim wa laa hum yahzanoon” after or in the middle of wudu'.

23. To perform two rak’ats (units) of salat called Subha after wudu'.

To make wudu' though one is in a state of wudu'. In other words, after performing a salat, to renew wudu' for the next salat.

25. To clean the inner corners of the eyes and clean the dried mucus when washing the face.

26. When washing the face, the arms and the feet, to wash a little more than the compulsory amount.

27. When performing wudu', not to let the water used splash back on the body, the clothes, etc.

Question: Is it permissible to use a towel to dry oneself after wudu'? Why do the Shafi'is not dry themselves after wudu'?
According to the Hanafi Madhhab, it is permissible to wipe oneself dry after wudu'. There is nothing wrong with it. Some scholars say that it is mustahab. If one does not dry oneself in cold weather, it may be harmful. But in hot countries near the equator, it is not all that important to soak up the remaining drops of water. According to the Shafi'i Madhhab, it is better not to dry oneself after wudu'. A hadith-i sharif says (what means):
(There is nothing wrong with drying oneself with a clean towel after wudu'. But it is better not to dry oneself because the water of wudu' will be put on the scales together with other deeds.) [Ibn 'Asakir]

Question: It is mustahab to stand toward the qibla direction and to drink the water left over from wudu'. Can it be fulfilled by drinking water from the tap, too?
Yes, it can.

Question: Is it mustahab to run a wet finger between toes (takhlil) three times in wudu'?
Yes, it is mustahab.

Question: Is it permissible to use the thumb of the left hand to perform takhlil between toes?
Yes, it is permissible.

Question: When we are rolling our sleeves up for wudu', should we start with the right one?
Yes, one should start with the right sleeve.

Question: How should we perform takhlil (running a wet finger) between toes?
When one is washing one's right foot, one should start with the little toe of the right foot by using one's little finger of the left hand. One should permeate the toes from the lower sides of them in succession toward the big toe of the right foot. When one washes one's left foot, one should start with the big toe of the left foot by using the little finger of the left hand. One should permeate the toes from the lower sides of them in succession toward the little toe.

Question: It is written in the book Mızraklı İlmihal, "It is mustahab to splash some water on one's trousers after wudu'." But when we splash water on them, it does not clean anywhere. So is it not a superstition?
One should not form religious rulings based on reason. The book that is widely known as Mızraklı İlmihal is originally entitled Miftah-ul Jannah, which is a reliable book. Hadrat Sufyan bin Sakafi states:
(Our Master the Messenger of Allah used to splash a handful of water over his clothes at the private part area.) [Nasai, Ibn Majah, Abu Dawud, Imam-i Ahmad]

We wipe our heads while performing wudu'. But our hair is not washed when we wipe it. We do so simply because our religion has ordered us to do it. Therefore, we have to obey it, even if we do not understand the reason for it.

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