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The Morals of Our Master the Prophet

People of wisdom state:
May Allahu ta'ala bless us all with the good manners of our Islamic superiors! In this context, Hadrat Shah-i Naqshband stated, "Anyone lacking in good manners cannot win Allahu ta'ala's pleasure." "It is my Lord who disciplined me," said our Master the Prophet. When our blessed mother Hadrat 'Aisha was asked how the morals of our Prophet were, she replied, "His morals are the morals of the Qur'an al-karim." That is, his life and words were interpretations and explanations of it. His every action was in conformity with our Lord's pleasure. Therefore, with his every action and every saying, our Master the Prophet was like a clear, understandable, and readily accessible book teaching the commandments of our religion. In the same way, the scholars of Ahl as-Sunnah, his inheritors, became a perfect spiritual guide [murshid al-kamil] each as they fully adapted themselves to him.

Learning Islam correctly is possible only through the suhba of a perfect guide [through being in his presence and listening to his spiritual discourses] or reading such a person's book, for perfect guides are like a clear, understandable book, too. However, false ones who pretend to be true spiritual guides are like a corrupt book, which leads humans to perdition. All reliable religious books are for us to learn Islam. Well, did the Blessed Companions read any books to learn their religion? There was no need for them to do so because the clear book, that is, our Master the Prophet, was before them. He was such a book that those with him were not only learning their religion from him by seeing him but also making progress on the path of Sufism. In other words, they were obtaining the lights and fayd (spiritual power) flowing from the heart of Allah's Messenger.

Our Master the Prophet declared, "My Companions are like the stars in the sky. Whomsoever you follow, you will attain salvation. He who loves them does so because he loves me. And he who bears hostility toward them bears hostility toward me."

Islamic superiors stated:
"Those who have not read Maktubat by Hadrat Imam-i Rabbani cannot realize the high status of the Blessed Companions. And those who fail to realize their high status will also fail to realize the high status of our Master the Prophet. No books can educate people about the manners to be observed toward the Blessed Companions, as the book Maktubat can. Only such people who know Hadrat Imam Rabbani and read Maktubat eagerly can get themselves well acquainted with the proper manners to be shown toward the Blessed Companions, with their superiority, and with their merit."

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