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Earning Rewards in Every Breath

People of wisdom state:
Our religious superiors said, "Allah bas, baaqi hawas," which means, "Allah exists. All the rest is vain. He is sufficient for us, so there is no need for any other thing." How splendid it is!

What a great felicity it is to live, to establish a business, and to get married according to our religion! If one does not adhere to Islam, then the nafs gets into the act immediately. Living by the desires of the nafs is a calamity both in the world and in the Hereafter. It incurs divine wrath every moment.

There is no harm within the circle of Islam, and there is no benefit outside of this circle. Comfort and tranquility are possible for people only if they remain within this circle. Trouble and problems come up if they go beyond it. They enter and exit this circle many times. But a new problem crops up with every exit. Therefore, in order for us to stay within this circle all the time, our Master the Prophet prescribed us to supplicate as follows, "Allaahumma yaa muqallib al-quloob, thabbit qalbee 'alaa deenik," which means, "O my Lord, the Turner of hearts! Keep my heart firm on Your religion." In other words, it means, "Keep it within the circle of Islam."

The more a person does his every action by our religion, the better the result he will get. The more he goes far from it, the more he will suffer. When he chooses a job or a spouse, starts working, or gets married and he does not do them  in accordance with his nafs's wishes but in accordance with Islam, he will constantly earn rewards [thawab] all his life in every inhalation and exhalation. For example, at the time a student starts school, if he intends, "O my Lord, I will insha-Allah help Your religion by means of the job I will be doing when I finish this school. I will earn money through lawful ways, give zakat, and spend my money on good causes. I will protect myself and my household from forbidden things," he will always get rewards until he finishes his school, nay, the rest of his life. Just as each mile on a road takes us to our destinations, so he unceasingly attains rewards simply because he has joined the true path and started the activity that our Lord is pleased with. Continuing on this true path brings him closer to the destination, that is, the pleasure of Allah. If a person begins any activity with such an intention, he will move and cover ground toward our Lord's pleasure. In the end, he will achieve his aim.

When a person gets on a vehicle to go on pilgrimage to Mecca, he receives rewards every hour and every minute, that is, throughout the journey, for his intention is to reach there. The case is the same with worldly affairs, too. If a person starts an activity for the sake of Allah and goes on doing it in conformity with the rules of Islam, the outcome of it will be good.

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