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Sovereignty Belongs to Allah

People of wisdom state:
Sovereignty belongs to Allah. Everything including every partical of dust belongs to Him. Not only hands and arms but also every cell needs Allahu ta'ala every moment. Interestingly enough, even the structure of a simple cell has not been able to be brought to light clearly by modern science. Scientists are analyzing every being and making an effort to learn its constitution, thus striving to trace the origin of life. However, they are looking for it in nature. They claim that it originated from such and such a molecule or from such and such a chemical compound. That is, they are dwelling on only its apparent causes, but they do not and cannot confess in any way that it is Allah who creates everything and who keeps it in existence.

Once upon a time, a youngster asked a holy man, "Does Allah exist?" In reply to it, the holy man asked the youngster, "Do you exist?" He said, "Of course, I do." Thereupon, that man stated:
"If you do exist, then Allah exists, too. Show me something in this room that was not made by a human. For example, was this lamp or this glass made by a human, or did it come into existence incidentally by itself?"

"Surely, each of them has a maker," he answered.

"Well then, do you not have value as much as a glass does? While there is a maker of even a glass, is it possible that such a perfect being and such a perfect body as you came into existence by itself? There is certainly Allah Most High, who created you," he explained.

"Okay, how is Allah, sir?" he wanted to learn.

Upon this, that holy man related the following story to the youngster:

While a man was passing by a place, he saw a shepherd. He thought to himself, "I will go near him and enjoin the doing of what is good. I will teach him the Islamic religion." He asked the shepherd, "Does Allah exist?"

The shepherd replied, "Make repentance for asking so, sir! You seem like a wise, scholarly man. How can you ask such a question? Since you asked it, I say that of course Allah exists."

"Well, how do you know the existence of Allah?" he asked again.

"As you see, there is a flock of sheep here. If there were no shepherd watching over them, there would not be this flock; it would disperse. Wolves might devour them, or someone might take them away. There would be no such thing as a flock of sheep. Look at the universe! There is the moon, the sun, stars, mountains, trees, humans, and animals. They did not come into existence by themselves. No doubt there is a Being who creates and governs them all. How can this stupendous universe come into existence by itself? The governor of all of them is Allah," he clarified.

"Okay, how is Allah then?" he asked.

"Go and ask a sheep how the shepherd is. If the sheep can describe me, I will describe Allah too," he answered.

"But the sheep cannot know anything about you," he uttered.

"Just as the sheep cannot know how the shepherd is, so a shepherd cannot know how Allah is. I am always with the sheep day and night. They see me and I see them. If even they are unable to describe me, how can I describe Allah the Most High?" he answered.

After listening to this story, the youngster understood the matter.

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