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Passing the Flag from Hand to Hand

People of wisdom state:
Islam is a flag. Those who believe in Allah correctly and who perform acts of worship properly are in the shadow of this flag. For this reason, it does not befit one to say, "It suffices that this flag has come to me. From now on, I do not care what happens." Rather, we must do our utmost to convey this trust [Islam] to subsequent generations. If we do not pass it on, will our predecessors not take legal action against us on the Day of Judgment? If they ask us, "We sacrificed our wealth and lives so that the Islamic religion might reach you correctly. We also left our homelands to that end. How did you bury this sublime trust, which you received, under the ground? Why did you not transmit it to the following generation?" what answer will we give them?

If our children and grandchildren say to us one day (may Allah forbid), "Why did you neglect us? Why did you not convey the trust to us? Now we are going into Hell because of you," what will we tell them? We should not conceal what we have learned and should deliver it to Allah's servants. That is, we should help them find true religious books and information. And while doing this, our sole aim should be the pleasure of Allah. This flag will always wave until Doomsday. Those who pass this flag from hand to hand will attain both worldly and otherworldly felicity.

People who have obtained the light of faith [iman], who know the scholars of Ahl as-Sunnah and superiors of Silsila-i 'Aliyyah, and who follow the path guided by them are like employees working in daylight, while people lacking in these qualities are like employees working in the dark. Can the two be considered as equal? People bump against one another in the dark. They do not see what they are doing, so they demolish, break, or spill anything. They cannot be successful even if they work with the best possible means and technology. As for those who work in daylight, they see what they are doing. They demolish, break, or spill nothing. They do their work with unerring accuracy.

A person can buy something with his money, or he can go somewhere of his own free will. However, he cannot buy faith with his money or of his own free will. There are three different ways whereby one is honored with Islam and becomes a Believer:

Allahu ta'ala unconditionally gives faith to whomever He wishes.

Allahu ta'ala promises in the Qur'an al-karim, saying, "Whoever examines My religion with sincerity and makes an effort to learn it, I will bless him with the lot of true path that he will walk along." Regardless of religion, language, or race, He grants it to whoever seeks and asks for it. But in order for him to attain it, his seeking and asking for it is a prerequisite.

3. It may be that a person does some good to or shows compassion for another person or an animal. He wins such a du'a [supplication, prayer] in return for it that Allahu ta'ala blesses him with the fortune of Islam as a reward for that du'a or for the compassion he showed.

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