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Saving People from Torment

People of wisdom state:
The main aim and objective of a Muslim who loves the scholars of Ahl-i Sunnah and superiors of Silsila-i 'Aliyya and who follows the path of these blessed people must be to work in order for humans to be saved from the eternal torment. To this end, the faith [iman] must be correct because those with a corrupt faith will suffer temporary torment in Hell while those without faith will suffer it eternally. So efforts should be made to rescue humans from the chastisement in Hell. This, in turn, is fulfilled by learning the true faith and teaching it to others. Otherwise, the acts of worship performed by people who do not learn the true faith, i.e., the creed of Ahl-i Sunnah, cannot save them.

The reward granted for all the acts of worship a Believer performs for himself when compared to the reward granted to a warrior who goes to fight in the way of Allah is like a drop of water versus sea. However, if the former enjoins the doing of what is good and forbids the doing of what is evil by giving someone a book from one of the valuable works of Ahl-i Sunnah scholars, that is, if he teaches Islam to someone, the reward given to a warrior fighting in the front when compared to the reward earned by him is like a drop of water versus sea.

The hadith-i sharif "When instigation and mischief run rife, a person who adheres to my sunnah will receive the reward of a hundred martyrs" indicates that those who learn the creed of Ahl-i Sunnah and live by our religion will get the reward of a hundred martyrs at a time when Islam, men of religion, and Islamic books have been corrupted, when right and wrong have become indistinguishable, and when people have been thrown into disarray.

If a Muslim, while leaving his home in the morning, says the A'udhu and Basmala and intends to serve Allahu ta'ala's religion and to enjoin the doing of what is good, his every step and breath is counted as an act of worship and holy struggle [jihad].

We should set off with pure intention without thinking of any material benefits, for everybody has a goal. Allahu ta'ala will either punish us or reward us with blessings in the next world according to this goal. Loneliness and poverty exist in the initial stages of service rendered in the path of Ahl-i Sunnah, but they should not be considered as an obstacle to service. Instead, we should work resolutely. There are three pitfalls waiting for the people serving the religion:
1. Having a title and being prestigious. It is a disaster if these qualities cause arrogance and tyranny.
2. Loving property and money. What is a disaster is not the money itself, but the love for it.
3. Regarding one's success as from oneself and saying, "It is I who did it. But for me, affairs would not proceed."

The Qur'an al-karim says (what means), "Allahu ta'ala does not change the blessing He bestowed on you if you do not change yourselves." To serve Islam, these three pitfalls should be avoided, and the following three things should be implemented:
1. Those who serve should like one another as if they fell in love with one another.
2. They should run to service without seeking any benefits at all.
3. They should work with the conviction that it is an act of worship and should not gain personal property or wealth through this way.

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