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What is necessary in order to die with īmān?

Question: What is necessary in order to die with īmān?
In order to die with īmān, it is necessary to strive to have a correct faith, to do good deeds, and to keep company with pious people. It is declared in hadīth-i sharīfs:

(Īmān is to have belief in Allah, in His angels, in His books, in His prophets, in the Last Day [that is, the Resurrection, Paradise, Hell, the Reckoning, Mīzān], in qadar, in that good and evil are from Allah, in death, and in the Resurrection. It is to bear witness that there is no god but Allah and that I am His born servant and messenger.) [Bukhārī, Muslim, Nasāī]

(A slave’s first deed for which he will be called to account on the Day of Resurrection is namāz. If it is found good, his other deeds will be good, too. If it is found bad, his other deeds will be bad, too.) [Tabarānī]

(To say “Subhānallah” fills half of Mīzān’s pan that weighs thawāb. To say “Alhamdulillah,” on the other hand, fills all of it. To say takbīr [saying “Allahu akbar”] fills the space between the heavens and the earth.) [Tirmidhī]

(What weigh heaviest on the Mīzān are these five words: “Subhānallahi wa-l hamdulillahi wa lā ilāha illallahu wallahu akbar” and the reward a person expects on account of his pious child who has died before himself.) [Nasāī]

(I swear that if all that is between the earth and the heavens were brought and put on one pan of the Mīzān and if [the word] “Lā ilāha ill-Allah” were put on the other pan of it, it would certainly outweigh them.) [Tabarānī]

(A Muslim who reaches the age of 80 will not be brought before Mīzān, will not be called to account, and will be said, “Enter Paradise.”) [Abū Nu‘aym]

(Jabrāil ‘alaihis-salām brought this message: “Live as much as you wish, but you will certainly die. Love whatever you want, but you will eventually have to bid farewell to it. Do whatever you please, but you will have to account for it in the end.”) [Tabarānī]

(If a person makes friends with another even for a moment, he will account for his company.) [Ibn Jarir]

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