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Children who are born in non-Muslim countries

Question: Some people say: “The children who are born in Muslim countries learn Islam easily and go to Paradise. But the children who are in non-Muslim countries are deprived of Islam. Because they cannot be brought up with an Islamic education, they go to Hell. Is it not injustice to people in non-Muslim countries? Is it compatible with Allah’s justice?” How to give an answer to people saying these?
We should not confuse justice with favor. Allahu ta’âlâ has done more than due justice to His slaves brought up in every country. That is, He will not put those non-Muslim children who died before the age of discretion and puberty into Hell.

Nor will He torment those disbelievers who, though having reached the age of puberty, died without having heard of the religion of Muhammad ‘alaihis-salâm.

If they, after hearing of the Islamic religion, of Paradise, and of Hell, are not curious about Islam and do not learn it, or if they are too perverse to believe it, then they will be tormented.

It cannot be said, “Those who have reached puberty will certainly be influenced by the former effects of their parents and environments.”

If they would, hundreds of Muslim children, who had been brought up under an Islamic education in Muslim countries, would not have become irreligious renegades and even enemies of Islam being deceived by the lies and slanders of Islam’s enemies. These people go out of the religion and even become enemies of the religion, and even take the lead in hostility against the religion after reaching the age puberty, even after forty years of age, and even after having become a religious man. They mock their parents, neighbors, and relatives by calling them fanatical, reactionary people.

These very dismal examples clearly display the fact that the effects of a family education are not permanent. It is for this reason that today apostating from the religion has become a nuisance, a grievous pandemic prevalent over the entire world. On the other hand, we see many disbelievers, men of knowledge and science being converted to Islam.

If it is said that there are those who have not changed their faith—though they are very few—which shows that family education may be permanent sometimes, a child’s being a Muslim and being brought up with a Muslim education is a favor from Allahu ta’âlâ. He does not do this favor to disbelievers’ children, but He does not have to do favors to anybody.

It is not injustice not to do favors. For example, if we buy a kilogram of rice at the grocer’s, it will be justice for the grocer to weigh it and give us exactly a kilogram of it. If he gives less, it will be injustice. If he gives a little more, it will be a favor. No one has the right to demand this favor.

Likewise, it is a great favor from Allahu ta’âlâ that He brings (some people) up with an Islamic education. He bestows it upon whomever He likes. It is not injustice for Him not to do this favor to disbelievers’ children. If those who have been blessed with this become disbelievers, their punishment will be very much greater. (Endless Bliss)

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