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What should we do to love Allah and His Messenger much?

Question: What should we do to be able to love Allah, His Messenger, and Islamic scholars much?
1. You must correct your īmān (belief) in accordance with the tenets of Ahl as-Sunna belief. You cannot love Allahu ta’ālā and those whom He loves unless your īmān is correct. The Qur’ān al-karīm purports, “The Believers’ love of Allah is very strong” (Sūrat-ul-Baqara, 165).

Love is of the indispensables of īmān. A hadīth-i sharīf declares, “You will not be considered to have īmān unless Allah and His Messenger are more beloved to you than everything else” (Bukhārī).

This means to say that those who have attained to īmān-i haqīqī (real belief) love Allah and His Messenger much. They love whomever they love for the sake of Allah and dislike whomever they dislike for the sake of Allah, too. A hadīth-i sharīf communicates:
(The most virtuous deed is to love for the sake of Allah and to dislike for the sake of Allah.) [I. Ahmad]

You must abstain from harām acts and strive to perform all acts of worship. You must strictly avoid committing a bid’a in particular.

A person who loves Allahu ta’ālā observes His commandments and prohibitions, loves Muhammad (alaihis-salām), His Messenger, and obeys his Sunnat. Such a person will certainly enter Jannah (Paradise). A hadīth-i sharīf says:
(Allahu ta’ālā makes Hell-fire harām for a person who loves me.) [Abū Nu’aym]

3. You must read the book Endless Bliss lovingly and much. Thus, you will love Allahu ta’ālā and His friends thanks to the faid flowing from our great religious superiors.
[You can read this book online or can purchase it by following the address: www.hakikatkitabevi.com ]

You must keep on invoking [to Allah] to attain the love you wish. Our master the Prophet would say the following prayer:
(O my Rabb! Grant me Your love, the love of those who love You, and the love of those things that will bring me closer to Your love. And make Your love to me dearer than
[the] cold water [desired by a person with a raging thirst]. [Tirmudhī]

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