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Miscellaneous pieces of information

1- It is not sinful, but permissible, to have sexual intercourse with your wife when you are junub. However, it is better to be with ablution.

2- It is not an inconvenience to make ghusl in a toilet.

3- In ablution, it is fard to observe tartb [to wash your limbs in prescribed order] in the Shfi Madhhab. If one who is in the Shfi Madhhab dives into the sea with the intention of making ghusl and gets out, one can perform namz in this state because the whole body is considered as one limb in ghusl.

4- In ghusl, it is not makrh to turn towards the Qibla if your awrat parts are covered.

5- When you are junub, you can sleep without making a ghusl on the condition that you will not miss a namz.

6- If you experience two nocturnal emissions, what is more, even if you experience ten times a night, it suffices to perform one ghusl for all of them.

7- When you wake up as a junub, if you see that there is little time left for the morning prayer time to be over, you must try to make a ghusl immediately in order to avoid sinning. It does not matter whether you complete it on time or not. It is not appropriate to wait for the sunrise by thinking that it is not possible to complete it on time.

8- While women are performing ghusl, they do not have to clean their vagina and anus by inserting their fingers through. These things are baseless. In fact, there is najsat inside the body. It is enough to wash visible parts, not invisible ones.

9- When people want to have a baby by means of the test-tube baby process, as the egg cell fertilized via syringe is placed in the uterus, if a woman becomes pregnant so, she has to perform ghusl. If a mans semen, which is discharged by rubbing his penis on a part of the womans body except her vulva, goes into the womb, the woman does not have to make a ghusl. However, if she becomes pregnant as a result of this, she has to perform ghusl and make qad of the namzes which she has performed since the incident occurred.

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