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The ghusl of an ill person

Question: How does a person whose legs are fractured in a traffic accident and who cannot stand up perform a ghusl?
If more than half of all ones limbs of ablution or two out of the four limbs of ablution are in a healty condition, one performs an ablution and applies masah [rubbing ones wet hands] on the wounded parts. If masah causes harm, one makes masah on the band.

If more than half of all ones limbs of ablution are wounded, one makes a tayammum.

It is not permissible for a person who makes a tayammum to wash some of the limbs.

The tayammum for an ablution and for a ghusl is the same.

If you are unable to make a tayammum yourself, someone else may help you perform a tayammum.

A plastered arm
How does a person whose arm is in plaster cast perform an ablution and a ghusl?
It is not necessary to wet the skin under the plaster. Such a person applies masah [rubbing ones wet hands] on the plaster or on the bandage.

When a person catches a cold
Sometimes we may suffer from nasal congestion when we catch a cold. Does it prevent the performance of a ghusl?
It suffices to clean as much as you can without having difficulty.

If a person cannot take a bath
Is it permissible for an ill person who is said by a pious Muslim doctor not to take a bath make a tayammum?

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